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We are striving locally and autonomously to be in every way the church that God sent His Son to establish, the church you can read about in the Bible. We are striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit that God granted us in our salvation as we have been told in Ephesians 4:1-3.

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Location and Times

Location and Times

We meet as a congregation Sundays at 9:30 AM and 2 PM and Wednesdays at 7PM.

Our building is located at:

4506 Augusta Rd., Garden City, GA

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

We would be glad to invest time in studying God’s word with you; helping you to know God’s word better, answering any questions you may have & above all, helping you to know Jesus Christ & His gospel.

Teaching Schedule

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Recent Sermons and Classes

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The Call to Evangelize

February 9, 2020
Jesus asks for workers to spread the gospel, and for everyone to pray for those efforts.
This chapter discusses how we are disciplined by God as a father with his son; also a dramatic picture of new-covenant worship. Part of a series on the book of Hebrews.
Part of a series on Ephesians chapter 4.
What does a chapter of examples of faith in the Bible teach us? Part of a series on the book of Hebrews.
Going through the book of Titus

Are We Growing?

January 19, 2020
In striving to please God, is it enough to simply avoid sin? Or are we "abounding" and growing in faith, virtue and other qualities? 

The Most Holy Place

January 12, 2020
The Most Holy Place is a part of the old temple and tabernacle (tent). Only the high priest was allowed to enter it, and only once a year. We do not worship this way anymore. Why is that and what lessons can we draw from this?
We can have confidence in salvation; we are exhorted to encourage one another; but we must not shrink back. Part of a series on the book of Hebrews.
The first in a new series on Ephesians chapter 4, which will be a theme of the year - one lesson per month from the chapter. 
An overview of the Lord's Supper. Why do we observe the Lord's Supper the way we do at the Garden City congregation (and many other places)? What does the Bible command or show as an example? Also a look at the discussion we have been having over serving the Lord's Supper twice on the same Sunday at the same place. Class notes attached (on the website).
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