Gospel Meeting

What Do God’s People Look Like?, April 3-6, 2020

Join us for a series of seven lessons from visiting speaker Steven McCrary of the North Columbus church in Columbus, Mississippi.

Friday, April 37:00 PMA Need for Leaders
Saturday, April 43:00 PMA Need for Shepherds and Deacons
4:00 PMA Need for All to Lead
Sunday, April 59:30 AMThe Danger of an Assumption
10:30 AMThe Day of Judgment
2:00 PMPitfalls of Pride
Monday, April 67:00 PMThe Light and our Salvation

Class Schedule – 2020 – The Epistles

Our 2020 class schedule is now available. This year we are studying the “epistles.” In essence, it’s the books of the New Testament that are not the gospels, Acts or Revelation. They are all letters to churches or individual Christians.

Visit the Bible Studies page for more, or view a draft the calendar.