In this lesson, we consider the final instructions given to Titus at the end of chapter 3 particularly. As we've been instructed to be gentle and peaceable, we are also warned to have nothing to do with unprofitable arguments and brethren who stir up division. This is the last lesson in a series in the book of Titus.
For those God has redeemed, it can be difficult to fully grasp the reality of what God has done for us. But in this passage, we are challenged to more fully appreciate the reality of who we were apart from God and the nature of what He did to save us.
In chapter 1 of Titus, Paul writes to Titus of qualities a man must possess to be appointed into a role that is called by many names, including Elder, Pastor, Bishop and Overseer. Rather than just being titles, these words each describe something of the nature of the role and the work involved in it. In this lesson, we consider the importance of appointing qualified men as Overseers, and the nature of the qualifications listed in verse 8-9. Part of a series in the book of Titus. [Administrative note: last month's lesson on verses 6-7 did not record.]