King Herod (one of many Herods in the Bible) has the apostle James killed and tries to kill Peter also. But Peter escaped from prison due to an angel's help - and prayers of the church. At the end of the story, Herod does get what's coming to him.  The last in a series in chapters 8-12 of Acts.
As Paul warned the elders of Ephesus in Acts, we must be alert to the reality that Satan seeks to destroy our faith through deception. In this lesson, we consider three critical ways a person can allow themselves to drift down a path to a hardened heart
In chapter 1 of Titus, Paul writes to Titus of qualities a man must possess to be appointed into a role that is called by many names, including Elder, Pastor, Bishop and Overseer. Rather than just being titles, these words each describe something of the nature of the role and the work involved in it. In this lesson, we consider the importance of appointing qualified men as Overseers, and the nature of the qualifications listed in verse 8-9. Part of a series in the book of Titus. [Administrative note: last month's lesson on verses 6-7 did not record.]