Bible Studies

There is never enough time to study the word of God as much as we desire. We aim to cover a lot of ground each year in our congregational studies, and our schedule is below. They are a complement to personal study but will never be a substitute for studying on your own or in a small group.

2023 Adult class schedule

Continuing our recent tradition of covering some Old Testament Books (Wednesdays), some New Testament books (Sundays) and all or part of a gospel.

Sermons 2023

Monthly lessons from the book of Titus. (All other sermons are not necessarily related to the year’s theme).

Sundays 2023

  • January-March: Matthew chapters 14-20
  • April-June: Romans
  • July-December: Various epistles as chosen by voulnteers

Wednesdays 2023

  • January-April: Deuteronomy
  • May-June: Joshua
  • July-December: Isaiah

2020 schedule is here.

2019 schedule is here.