The Glory of God’s Word

November 28, 2021
It can be challenging to truly appreciate the value of what God has given us access to through His word. In this lesson, we first see how David saw the unfathomable glory of God expressed in the heavens, then how David saw God's glory more fully expressed in His word, and finally we see how this culminates in how this changed David's innermost attitude toward God.
At the end of Ephesians, Paul concludes by urging us to be strong in the Lord, to be aware of the nature of our struggle and to put on the full armor of God. In this lesson, we study the importance of understanding the nature of our struggle, the nature of God’s strength and the nature of His armor. Part of a year-long series going through Ephesians chapters 5 and 6.
Confessing sin is uncomfortable, and it is so easy to neglect or resist doing it when it is most needed. And, in 1 John, we are told that confessing our sins is always a necessary part of a working relationship with God. But what does genuine confession look like? In this lesson, we study a contrast between how Saul confessed sin in 1 Samuel without a changed heart and how David confessed sin in Psalms with a broken and contrite heart.

The Fullness of Time

October 24, 2021
Do you ever feel lost or overwhelmed when you’re trying to navigate through your Bible or read books of the Old Testament? In this lesson, we overview 10 major events that encompass the entire timeline from Creation to the book of Acts and 10 major figures associated with those events. Then, we draw summarizing lessons we can learn when we see the big picture of God’s work as it is all centered on Jesus and His kingdom.

Marking and Disassociating

October 10, 2021
What is a local church called to do when a brother or sister in Christ chooses to turn away from God and refuses to listen to the appeals of their brethren? In this lesson, we study the kind of situations where God calls His people to publicly mark and disassociate from sinning brethren, why that is to be done, then we conclude with reflecting on the kind of choices that lead to a hardened heart.

Following the Foremost Command

September 26, 2021
What does it look like to truly love God with all of our being? Is that what we are seeking with God? In , we see this in the way David vividly expresses his attachment to God and his adoration towards Him. In this lesson, we study how David’s prayer communicates truths that we can adapt and imitate in our relationship with God as well.