Do You Not Know?

June 12, 2022
In 1 Corinthians 3:15-17 and 6:19-20, Paul asks, “Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (NASB) This…
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In both of these chapters, God provides water for His people, and in each chapter what happens with the water teaches us lessons about our relationship to God’s holiness. In this lesson, we consider chapter 19 where God gives instructions for purifying water, and chapter 20 where God tells Moses to speak to a rock for it give water to the congregation.
In this Psalm, David writes the first Psalm that is voiced from the perspective of a community rather than from a single person. In this lesson, we consider how we can find relevance in the way this community expressed both longing for and assurance in God’s victory for His anointed.
Paul charged Titus the evangelist with the task of appointing elders in every city. But, as it is for the church here in Garden City, this is a long-term goal that may still be over a decade in the future. In this lesson, we consider four ways that we can be diligently working towards that goal right now.
While Johnathan was off winning in battle in the name of the LORD, Johnathan's father, King Saul, made all the soldiers promise not to eat during battle. Johnathan never heard the order, so he had some honey. Saul finds out and wants to kill his son. Is this an example of good leadership?
In our culture, there are a multitude of different answers to the question, “What must I do to be saved?” This can make talking to others about salvation challenging, and so it is essential to learn to ask questions and talk through what the Bible teaches on this subject. Since the purpose of baptism in salvation in particular is widely misunderstood, we work through pivotal moments in the New Testament that equip us to talk with others about these things. In this lesson, we ask what John the baptist, Jesus, Peter and Paul all believed about the purpose of baptism.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In these chapters, we once again see Israel rebelling against God in the wilderness. This time, a Levite named Korah forms a company against Moses to accuse him of going too far in his leadership over the nation. In this lesson, we work through the way God addresses this problem through immediate judgments and then personal instructions to urge unity between the priests, Levites and the people.