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We are striving locally and autonomously to be in every way the church that God sent His Son to establish, the church you can read about in the Bible. We are striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit that God granted us in our salvation as we have been told in Ephesians 4:1-3.

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Location and Times

Location and Times

We meet at 4506 Augusta Rd., Garden City, GA

Worship service is at 10:30 AM on Sundays.

Bible classes are Sundays at 9:30 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

We would be glad to invest time in studying God’s word with you; helping you to know God’s word better, answering any questions you may have & above all, helping you to know Jesus Christ & His gospel.

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Doubt can be a great tool that God uses to lead people to Him. Doubt can also lead to fair and necessary questions. But doubt can be a tool Satan uses as well to pull people from the truth. Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."
Harboring bitterness toward brethren (other Christians) kills a person's faith. On the other hand, "loving your neighbor" is a principle with deep roots in the Old Testament. Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."
At the first Lord's Supper, Jesus "earnestly desired" to eat with the disciples (ESV or NASB). What do we need to know about this meal? Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."
The word in this passage that is translated as "simplicity" (KJV, NASB) or "sincere" (ESV) is the idea of single-minded devotion. In this lesson we look at the meaning of this kind of attitude toward God's word.
God gave to us salvation, grace and forgiveness, and we should give back to him and give to others as well. Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."
Singing comes from hearts filled with the knowledge of God's word and His grace. It helps us ourselves and edifies our brethren. Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."
Prayer should be the response we have when we consider all that God has made, all that he has done, and all that he has promised to us. Part of the series, "Our God Is an Awesome God."

How Love Suffers Long

September 10, 2023
When is it most important to seek God's guidance? How does suffering impact your zeal for the Lord? In this lesson, we consider David's example in this Psalm and how he sought the Lord more diligently through affliction. 
How does the grace of God teach us? What does the grace of God teach us? In this lesson, we consider this passage and how we ought to be transformed by the grace of God.

The Wisdom of Neglect

August 27, 2023
In this lesson, we consider what we can learn from the example of two godly sisters, Mary and Martha, when Jesus was welcomed into Martha’s home. In that story, Martha becomes frustrated with her sister, and Jesus gently corrects and redirects her priorities in a manner that is very needed for us consider as well.
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