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We are striving locally and autonomously to be in every way the church that God sent His Son to establish, the church you can read about in the Bible. We are striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit that God granted us in our salvation as we have been told in Ephesians 4:1-3.

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Location and Times

Location and Times

We meet as a congregation Sundays at 9:30 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

Our building is located at:

4506 Augusta Rd., Garden City, GA

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

We would be glad to invest time in studying God’s word with you; helping you to know God’s word better, answering any questions you may have & above all, helping you to know Jesus Christ & His gospel.

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The ark of the covenant and the tabernacle (and temple) had use in their day but also served as symbols of what Christ would accomplish through his death.
Thoughts on each verse in the chapter
Concluding our series in Galatians
In this section of Galatians, we consider the applications we’re called to make to "do good," and how we can be sowing to the Spirit in ways that result in reaping good works that are appropriate with God’s goodness.


October 10, 2022
Many treat God's word as a document that has loopholes that can be manipulated, even though most won't speak in those exact terms. But the Bible allows for no such thing. Part of a meeting series.
There should be more to what we do than simply following the commands of the Bible. We are called to understand why we do these things. Part of a meeting series.


October 9, 2022
A popular bumper sticker asks us to "Coexist," but the Bible tells us that some things cannot. Part of a meeting series.

Binding the Hands of Jesus

October 8, 2022
Do our actions restrain our Lord from doing His work? Part of a meeting series.
Throughout the Bible, people have been given tall orders from God. Part of a meeting series.

Keep Your Hands Up!

October 7, 2022
Christians are called to hold up God's truth in the world. Part of a meeting series.
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