Updates to mask considerations

1) We continue to insist that all in attendance wear a mask while moving around the building.

2) Please be mindful that those on the left side of the building (as you walk in) are exercising more caution than most people are. Please respect their concerns.

3) But, if you feel comfortable with removing your mask, please ONLY DO SO WHEN SEATED, and if possible, be seated on the right side of the auditorium. In other words, please DO WEAR A MASK when entering the building, walking around, socializing, using the restrooms, and when leaving the building.

We are also asking members to bring their own bread and grape juice for observing the Lord’s Supper, but will have sealed extras as needed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Updated July 26, 2021

Striving for the Faith

Garden City church of Christ



We are striving locally and autonomously to be in every way the church that God sent His Son to establish, the church you can read about in the Bible. We are striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit that God granted us in our salvation as we have been told in Ephesians 4:1-3.

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Location and Times

Location and Times

We meet as a congregation Sundays at 9:30 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

Our building is located at:

4506 Augusta Rd., Garden City, GA

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

We would be glad to invest time in studying God’s word with you; helping you to know God’s word better, answering any questions you may have & above all, helping you to know Jesus Christ & His gospel.

Teaching Schedule

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Recent Sermons and Classes

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The Fullness of Time

October 24, 2021
Do you ever feel lost or overwhelmed when you’re trying to navigate through your Bible or read books of the Old Testament? In this lesson, we overview 10 major events that encompass the entire timeline from Creation to the book of Acts and 10 major figures associated with those events. Then, we draw summarizing lessons we can learn when we see the big picture of God’s work as it is all centered on Jesus and His kingdom.

O Lord, My Strength

October 17, 2021
One of the best-known psalms, it is actually repeated almost verbatim in 2 Samuel and is the basis for at least one popular hymn.

Marking and Disassociating

October 10, 2021
What is a local church called to do when a brother or sister in Christ chooses to turn away from God and refuses to listen to the appeals of their brethren? In this lesson, we study the kind of situations where God calls His people to publicly mark and disassociate from sinning brethren, why that is to be done, then we conclude with reflecting on the kind of choices that lead to a hardened heart.
Instructions to servants and masters, and in a more contemporary sense, instructions for employees and managers. Part of a year-long series going through Ephesians chapters 5 and 6.

Following the Foremost Command

September 26, 2021
What does it look like to truly love God with all of our being? Is that what we are seeking with God? In , we see this in the way David vividly expresses his attachment to God and his adoration towards Him. In this lesson, we study how David’s prayer communicates truths that we can adapt and imitate in our relationship with God as well.

Patterns of Predestination

September 19, 2021
Like the term “faith,” the word “predestination" is surrounded by diverse and false ideas in our religious world. “Predestined” is a word used in verses 5 and 11 to describe a critical way that God fulfilled His plan of salvation in Christ. In this lesson, we first examine how Predestination, like “faith," is a term that fulfills a pattern of examples from the Old Testament. Then, we examine how these Old Testament examples connect to and clarify the way Predestination is described in this passage. Lastly, we reflect on 3 lessons that can be gained from understanding what Predestination means for us in our relationship with God.
Instructions to children and fathers - but arguably (to say the least), all of the instructions are for the parents. Ironically, this is actually not part of our classes on parenting; it is part of a year-long series going through Ephesians chapters 5 and 6.
Characteristics of godly citizens in this world. Main focus is on (1) being the voice of moderation; (2) long-term considerations; and (3) showing sensitivity toward others' backgrounds. Part of a series of classes on the home.

The Fellowship of Jesus’ Joy

September 5, 2021
Jesus found joy in suffering on the cross. What sacrifices do we make in our lives?

Redeeming the Time

August 29, 2021
Are we taking advantages of opportunities to spend time with Christ? We look at a few passages where ordinary people had the chance to talk to Jesus face to face.
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