How to Subscribe to Our Podcast

In short, you may be able to click here and subscribe. We are hoping to get this podcast to be searchable in Apple and Google. But for now, follow these instructions.

iPhone Users

If you click that link above, you might get something like “Do you want to allow this page to open ‘News’?” Say no. (If you say yes, nothing bad will happen.)

Instead, you’ll need to copy the actual link text:

And follow these steps:

iPhone step 1

Download the Podcast app from the Apple App Store. Open it.

iPhone step 2

Tap Edit on the Library tab

iPhone step 3

Tap “Add a Podcast by URL…”

iPhone step 4

Paste the link and tap Subscribe

iPhone podcast is ready to go!

Android Users

We’re going to need some feedback on that. Most of us use iPhones. Stay tuned.