Gospel Meeting

Studies in Genesis – April 7-10, 2023

Join us for our weekend series of studies in the first 4 chapters of Genesis. Lessons taught by Carl Ballard, who preaches at the Eastside church in Monroe, PA (near Pittsburgh).

Lessons are recorded and on this site and in our podcast.

Friday, April 77 PMWhat May Be Known of God: Establishing a God-based worldviewRomans 1:18-23;
Genesis 1:1-5
Saturday, April 83 PMThe Nature of GodGenesis 1:6-25
4 PMThe Nature of Man, Part 1: The Creation of ManGenesis 1:26-2:7
Sunday, April 99:30 AMThe Nature of Man, Part 2: Life in ParadiseGenesis 2:8-25
10:30 AMThe Nature of Sin, Part 1: Where Are You?Genesis 3:1-13
4 PMThe Nature of Sin, Part 2: ConsequenceGenesis 3:14-24
Monday, April 107 PMThe Nature of a World Marred by SinGenesis 4:1-16