Gospel Meeting

What Do God’s People Look Like?, POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER…

Update, March 19, 2020: Unfortunately we have had to postpone this meeting due to the coronavirus. Mr. McCrary has agreed to reschedule, but we have no idea when that might be. Below is the original post.

Join us for a series of seven lessons from visiting speaker Steven McCrary of the North Columbus church in Columbus, Mississippi.

Friday, April 37:00 PMA Need for Leaders
Saturday, April 43:00 PMA Need for Shepherds and Deacons
4:00 PMA Need for All to Lead
Sunday, April 59:30 AMThe Danger of an Assumption
10:30 AMThe Day of Judgment
2:00 PMPitfalls of Pride
Monday, April 67:00 PMThe Light and our Salvation
Gospel Meeting

Fundamentals of the Faith, October 11-14, 2019

Join us for a series of seven lessons about fundamental principles in the Bible, from visiting preacher Harold Carswell.

Friday, October 117:00 PMHow Does the Bible Teach?
Saturday, October 123:00 PMThe Seed Promise, Part 1
4:00 PMThe Seed Promise, Part 2
Sunday, October 139:30 AMUnpopular Prayer
10:30 AMChrist-centered Christianity
2:00 PMJesus and Matthew 19 in the 21st Century
Monday, October 147:00 PMPlaygrounds on Construction Sites
Gospel Meeting

Finding Our Strength and Purpose, July 5-8, 2019

A series of seven lessons by visiting speaker Erik Borlaug, evangelist at the Embry Hills congregation in Atlanta.

Friday, July 57:00 PMWhat Are You Seeking?
Saturday, July 63:00 PMCan These Bones Live?
(Ezekiel 37:1-14)
4:00 PMThe River of Life
(Ezekiel 47:1-12)
Sunday, July 79:30 AMStrengthened by Jesus’ Suffering
(Mark 15:16-32)
10:30 AMStrengthened by God’s Blessings
2:00 PMStrengthened by Grace
Monday, July 87:00 PMThe Steadfastness of Job

Gospel Meeting

Tools for the Godly Family, April 5-8

Join us for a series of 7 lessons about the family, from visiting preacher J.R. Bronger.

Friday, April 57:00 PM “The Benefit of Grief”
Saturday, April 63:00 PM“The Journey of a Rebel”
4:00 PM“Overcoming the Spirit of Fear”
Sunday, April 79:30 AM“Let not Man Separate”
10:30 AM“Successful Home-building”
2:00 PM“Second-generation Christians”
Monday, April 87:00 PM“Train up a Child”