How Love Suffers Long

September 10, 2023
When is it most important to seek God's guidance? How does suffering impact your zeal for the Lord? In this lesson, we consider David's example in this Psalm and how he sought the Lord more diligently through affliction. 
While this Psalm contains multiple prophesies of Jesus’ crucifixion, it also looks forward to the fact that God would deliver Him in a way that would change the world from that time on forever. In this lesson, we consider how this Psalm teaches us about Jesus and the hope that we can have in God because of the way He uniquely fulfilled every aspect of this Psalm.
In this Psalm, David writes the first Psalm that is voiced from the perspective of a community rather than from a single person. In this lesson, we consider how we can find relevance in the way this community expressed both longing for and assurance in God’s victory for His anointed.
It can be challenging to truly appreciate the value of what God has given us access to through His word. In this lesson, we first see how David saw the unfathomable glory of God expressed in the heavens, then how David saw God's glory more fully expressed in His word, and finally we see how this culminates in how this changed David's innermost attitude toward God.
What does it look like to truly love God with all of our being? Is that what we are seeking with God? In the 16th Psalm, we see this in the way David vividly expresses his attachment to God and his adoration towards Him. In this lesson, we study how David’s prayer communicates truths that we can adapt and imitate in our relationship with God as well.

Psalms 11, 12 and 13

February 24, 2019
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