In chapter 1 of Titus, Paul writes to Titus of qualities a man must possess to be appointed into a role that is called by many names, including Elder, Pastor, Bishop and Overseer. Rather than just being titles, these words each describe something of the nature of the role and the work involved in it. In this lesson, we consider the importance of appointing qualified men as Overseers, and the nature of the qualifications listed in verse 8-9. Part of a series in the book of Titus. [Administrative note: last month's lesson on verses 6-7 did not record.]
Jesus promises that He came to give us abundant life, but we often think that life's fulfillment is found in worldly achievements and experiences. In this lesson, we consider the kind of life ambitions that align with Jesus' teaching and how that equips us to find contentment and fulfillment in whatever situation we may be in.
Prayer is one of the most fundamental and valuable aspects of our relationship with God, and yet it is commonly neglected, misunderstood and under appreciated in our lives. The time Jesus devoted to prayer, the sacrifices He made for it and the nature of what He prayed for all serve as an example for us to see how much more we can appreciate about the value of prayer.


January 1, 2023
Some of your questions answered! Maybe. In fact. this is a fairly in-depth study of what many take for granted: we are going to heaven one day if we are good. Is that true? Yes, but it may not be as obviously spelled out in the Scriptures as you think. PDF handout available in the notes.

Jesus’ Wilderness Wandering

December 18, 2022
Jesus began His ministry in manner this is both astonishing and easily taken for granted. In this lesson, we strive to consider the value of what Jesus accomplished when He endured 40 days in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil.