How Love Suffers Long

September 10, 2023
When is it most important to seek God's guidance? How does suffering impact your zeal for the Lord? In this lesson, we consider David's example in this Psalm and how he sought the Lord more diligently through affliction. 

The Wisdom of Neglect

August 27, 2023
In this lesson, we consider what we can learn from the example of two godly sisters, Mary and Martha, when Jesus was welcomed into Martha’s home. In that story, Martha becomes frustrated with her sister, and Jesus gently corrects and redirects her priorities in a manner that is very needed for us consider as well.
Jesus was perpetually concerned with doing only what God, his Father, authorized. The gospel of John highlights this repeatedly, as we discuss in this lesson. Even times when Jesus seems to be a rule-breaker (like with the Sabbath), he appeals to tradition and what Scripture commands.
The Bible is not only a book of "Thou shalt nots" but does emphasize the importance of enjoying the good things God created and not dwelling on bitterness and anger. An honorary continuation of last week's lesson, this focuses and expands on the passage in Ecclesiastes.