While we have talked about the purpose of the local church, what is the purpose of assembling together? In this lesson, we consider what the Scriptures say about the distinct purpose for the local church's gathering together. Part of a series on biblical fundamentals.
In this lesson, we begin to unpack the importance of understanding the distinct purpose of the universal church (individual Christians in fellowship with Jesus) compared to the purpose of a local church (Christians working together in fellowship). We find that God’s purpose for the universal church is to be at work in the world, while we will see in the next lesson in this series that a local church’s purpose is the work of Christians building each other up in the Lord. Part of a series on biblical fundamentals.
What does the Bible say baptism’s purpose is? In this lesson, we answer this question in Colossians chapter 2 and consider how this passage helps us to better appreciate what God does in baptism, and also equips us to talk to others who do not believe or understand that baptism is essential for salvation.