Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In chapters 22-24, the king of Moab calls for Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam was a Gentile prophet of God and he always seems to confess a great respect for the authority of God’s word — but every reference to Balaam in the New Testament portrays him as an example of apostasy. In this lesson, we consider what we can learn from Balaam’s hypocrisy and the blessings God pronounced on Israel through him.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In chapter 21, at the end of Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness, they are marching to their final destination on the eastern side of the Jordan river. In this chapter, God grants Israel three significant military victories and He responds to Israel’s final complaint in a uniquely significant manner. In this lesson, we consider how these events can enlighten and embolden our faith in God’s power to overcome sin in our lives.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In both of these chapters, God provides water for His people, and in each chapter what happens with the water teaches us lessons about our relationship to God’s holiness. In this lesson, we consider chapter 19 where God gives instructions for purifying water, and chapter 20 where God tells Moses to speak to a rock for it give water to the congregation.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In these chapters, we once again see Israel rebelling against God in the wilderness. This time, a Levite named Korah forms a company against Moses to accuse him of going too far in his leadership over the nation. In this lesson, we work through the way God addresses this problem through immediate judgments and then personal instructions to urge unity between the priests, Levites and the people.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. Moses sends 12 men to spy out Canaan (a recon mission, basically). The report? It's great, but the men are formidable. Two of them say that's not a problem with God on our side, but the other ten cast doubt and get the Israelites discouraged, with severe consequences.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. When Israel began to move away from Sinai, they immediately began to complain on their journey. We see in these chapters Israel complaining because of the adversity of being in the wilderness, the lack of variety with food and then we see Moses’ siblings complaining against him as well. In this lesson, we see how God responded to these complaints and what we can learn from the solutions He provided.
Continuing our series in the book of Numbers. In chapters 5-9, God gives a final series of instructions to the people through Moses before leaving Sinai. In this lesson, we consider how these instructions emphasize the importance of each individual learning the value of holiness. We consider how the failure to value holiness on an individual level leads to greater failures in Israel on a national level. Then, we consider how these lessons can be applied for us as being individually a part of a larger body within Christ’s church.
The first official sermon in our series on the book of Numbers; today we cover chapters 1-4. Before leading the nation of Israel away from Mount Sinai, God first numbers and positions each tribe of the nation around His presence. In this section of Numbers, we consider lessons from the organization of Israel, the special emphasis on the role of the Levites and how this all relates to who we are called to be.
A preview of a series of lessons coming in 2022 as we walk through the Old Testament book of Numbers. Even though Old Testament books like Numbers can seem daunting and difficult to read through, there are many New Testament passages that teach us the need to read Numbers to find relevance and needed application for our faith today. In this lesson, we overview where the events of Numbers fit in history, then outline the book itself & conclude with considering the value of studying Numbers.